Friday, 10 February 2017

How Surgeons Fix Unnatural Hair Transplant

Old Way of Hair Transplant

Initially, when the hair transplant treatment came out into the scene, both men and women who were having the severe hair loss problem or thinning of hair finally have some hope. Those who could afford this new technology ran after the doctors who claimed that they could cure the problem of their hair loss.

But unfortunately, the technology which used to seem advanced could cause the results in unnatural hairlines.  For those who had these small hair transplant procedures without any perfection, the hair transplant procedure showed the results that were both cosmetically and physically terrible.

The old methods of the hair transplantation include the circles that were punched out and moved to the bald areas. Such kind of hair transplantation often leads to the very long visible scars on the scalp. There was also a method that includes the plantation of the synthetic hair on the scalp which is now illegal in the United States of America.

Old to New

But with the introduction of the today’s state of art techniques, the surgeons can do the hair transplantation not only in a natural way but also can redesign and repair the old mistakes in hair transplantation. The hair transplant techniques like FUE and FUT are able to give the painless and scarless hair transplantation.


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