Thursday, 30 March 2017

Things to Consider Before Opting For a Beard Hair Transplantation

Beard is one of the most important part of a man’s face. It is not just a sign of adulthood,but also a reason behind your perfect look. Beard hair plays a very important role in developing the personality of an individual. Everyone wants to have thick hair on their goatee or mustache area. These days, a lot of people are facing problem of hair loss on their beard area. A well known, safe and best surgery known as Facial hair transplant is used to recover from these problems.

Beard hair transplant in India is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon transplants beard hair to the scalp using FUE and its tools.

There are few things that must be considered before going for Beard hair transplant.

Similar to the process of hair transplant: - The procedure of beard hair transplant is quite similar to hair transplant in which surgeon transplants extract healthy hair from the donor site and then transplants to the recipient site. The only difference is that the smaller incisions are used in Beard hair transplant.

Cost effective: -  Another important advantage is that it is a cost effective procedure. Everyone can easily afford it as it suits in your budget.

Painless procedure: - One of the best thing about facial hair transplant is that it is a painless procedure. You don’t need to visit the clinic again and again. Once the procedure is complete, the facial hair keep on growing like normal hair.

You are free to acquire a desired look: - You are independent to get the desired look. The surgery is provided according to your wish.

Transplanted hair falls down in two weeks: - it is a fact that the transplanted hair will fall down in two weeks. But don’t worry new hair will grow on that area naturally.

One day procedure: - The procedure of beard hair transplant requires two to five hours. This is just one time treatment.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hair Transplant Specialist should be a Physician

Everyday our primary observation is to observe the hair follicles to produce hair. This function is very immediate and visible that provides the benefit to us. Our scalp is the crucial cosmetic part that represents our personality to others.

Whenever our hair follicles stop producing hair then we seek for the different treatments to produce our hair whether surgical or non-surgical. We also seek for the best hair transplant specialist in order to have the best hair transplant in India.

Why should you hair transplant specialist be a physician?

Medical education
Hair loss is considered as a serious problem but hair growth, hair loss and hair restoration, all are the phenomena of the body. Therefore, a physician learns about the whole body approach. As before the hair transplant is taken into the consideration, your hair loss specialist must viewpoint your whole body.  

Surgical training
The surgical training is must for the hair transplant specialist. The surgeon must own the degree in allopathic medicine (M.D.) or osteopathic medicine (D.O.) before going for the surgical training. The M.D. and D.O are considered as both surgeon and physician.

Special training in hair transplantation
The physician of hair transplantation must have the detailed knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the scalp and the hair follicles and its cycle.

The Science, Technique and Esthetics of Surgical Hair Transplantation
Science is the basic part of our life and also in the medical field and also in medical technique. The hair transplant specialist must comprise of good science, excellent surgical skills and a "good eye" to achieve best hair restoration techniques.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Baldness Prevention – How to Treat it Effectively?

In order to treat your baldness or hair loss problem, there are a number of ways that can help you if you will follow them. It is only your responsibility, to strictly follow the advice in order to keep your hair healthy.

Healthy lifestyle
Generally, the hair loss problem can be treated in maintaining your lifestyles. Human hair is greatly controlled by hormones. For men, it is testosterone and for women it is estrogen.
The key ingredient is to maintain the hair’s health with a number of natural ways.

Proper diet
Hair loss problem can also be overcome by taking proper diet. You can take protein rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, soybean, mango, dried apricots, whole grain cereals, sprouts, lentils, yeast, wheat germ, milk, yogurt, and buttermilk. Protein greatly helps in building the new cells.

Amino acids
There are five types of amino acids that are precious for human hair. These are cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine, and lysine. The lack of these acids can lead to the problem of hair loss.

Carbohydrates also play the vital role in providing the essential energy for the growth of hair. These can be taken from vegetables like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brown rice and potatoes.

Best Option to Prevent Baldness
If you are looking for the best option to get rid of your baldness problem then you can have the best hair transplant in India. With this treatment, you can get your natural beauty back within few days. As many of the patients are still not aware of the importance of the hair transplant treatment but this treatment can give you the best look with our natural hair.

Friday, 10 February 2017

How Surgeons Fix Unnatural Hair Transplant

Old Way of Hair Transplant

Initially, when the hair transplant treatment came out into the scene, both men and women who were having the severe hair loss problem or thinning of hair finally have some hope. Those who could afford this new technology ran after the doctors who claimed that they could cure the problem of their hair loss.

But unfortunately, the technology which used to seem advanced could cause the results in unnatural hairlines.  For those who had these small hair transplant procedures without any perfection, the hair transplant procedure showed the results that were both cosmetically and physically terrible.

The old methods of the hair transplantation include the circles that were punched out and moved to the bald areas. Such kind of hair transplantation often leads to the very long visible scars on the scalp. There was also a method that includes the plantation of the synthetic hair on the scalp which is now illegal in the United States of America.

Old to New

But with the introduction of the today’s state of art techniques, the surgeons can do the hair transplantation not only in a natural way but also can redesign and repair the old mistakes in hair transplantation. The hair transplant techniques like FUE and FUT are able to give the painless and scarless hair transplantation.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Temporary Hair Loss can be Worrisome

Everyone from infancy to old age suffers from hair loss problem because of the normal hair cyclic activities that include the phases like anagen, catagen and telogen.

The full cycle of hair loss can take many years to complete and each hair follicle undergoes through the cycle for 10 to 20 times in a normal life. When the new hair telogen phase begins about 1% of the hair follicles are in shedding phase. The average hair loss in a day can vary from 50 to 100. But if the hair loss is occurring more than 100 a day then it can indicate the abnormal hair cycle. 

The hair loss that occurs due to the normal hair loss cycle can be recognized as normal to both men and women and this normal hair loss can be recognized as temporary hair loss.

However, there is a time when the hair loss starting begins to appear in the comb with grooming, over pillow then this temporary hair loss problem becomes questionable. In this situation, every person might start thing that is this hair loss is permanent or is he getting baldness problem?

These questions can lead to those males in a stressful situation who are having androgenetic alopecia as the basis of hair loss problem in their families. 

However, in this situation, you should not want for the evidence for the permanent hair loss problem but should consult with your best hair transplant surgeon in Amritsar. He will definitely guide you about this and will suggest you the best technique for hair transplant if needed.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Hair Loss and Appearance of Aging

One of the most important reasons for both men and women to go with the hair transplant surgery option is to overcome their age-inappropriate appearance. They do not want their looks to be older than their calendar age or do not wish to appear older.

The most common reasons to hide the age-inappropriate looks can be their personal relationships, work-related or it can be the combination of both. In the personal and work environments, the age-inappropriate appearance can affect their self-confidence and self-regard. One thing to note that, age is objectively measured in years but the appearance of age can be noticed subjectively. This is most often subjective assessment by other people that can reflect their personal and professional lives.

Most of the people are encountered in their workplace or in social groups unless until they revealed their age but the other people starts making quick judgments regarding your appearance. 

  • The person who is appeared to be uncaring in their looks is mostly seen as the lacking of vigor or self-regard.
  • But is contradistinction, the person who appears advanced in terms of years is likely to be reviewed in positive terms.

Hair loss has a negative effect on age and age-related values. Hair loss in the younger person can change his appearance into much older age and can lead to premature aging. 

You need to go with hair transplant in India as it is the only best and permanent solution to get rid of premature aging.